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non stop pvc/ pulse of 60

Hi, Recently diagnosed with pvc, taking beta blocker metopropol and buspar, benicar,hctz,aspirin. I'm on a run of pvc right now non stop my pulse feels like it is racing but it is 60. Could this be another type of rhythym?
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PVCs sometime manifest in patterns. Bigeminy, Trigeminy, and Quadrigeminy would be somewhat common. Bigeminy is one normal beat and one PVC, Trigeminy is two normal beats and a PVC, etc.

Feel your pulse, preferably at your wrist, using the fingers (not thumb) of the opposite hand. See if you can feel normal beats in between the PVCs, see if they correspond to the patterns described above.

I would get Trigeminy for an hour or so at a time. Try to relax. Patterned PVCs, as described above, are fairly common. If they settle down, notify your Doctor in the morning. If you feel any pain in your arm, chest, or throat, or shortness of breath, or if you sweat or feel faint, consider a visit to the Emergency Room if this is unusual for you. You could also notify your Doctor by phone if you are concerned, they usually have an answering service that forwards important calls to them, or to someone so assigned, even late at night. (I have no reason to believe that you have anything serious, just be careful).

Best of health to you and yours.
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It feels like or two normal beats in between the stronger ones. I don't know, happens so quick. I actually have an appointment in a.m. with cardio doctor. I had a shooting pain the other day down left arm during a sudden run while under mental stress. It was so weird, I felt the blood coarse through my heart to my brachial artery and down left arm it felt hot also. GP says it sound nuerological. I say he is clueless.
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PVC's at a regular interval (such as every other, every third beat ect) Are not more significant that random PVC's in a structurally sound heart.. If you feel your primary care physician is clueless, ide suggest getting a new one.
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