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Hi All, I had a pacemaker fitted last april since then i have been really tired, i have had a few problems along the way, my lung collapsed then i had water on it now i have blood on it, but it,s the tiredness i cant cope with even if i sleep for over 12 hours, im wondering if anyone else has been through this.

Thanks Jo
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Has your doctor changed any of the settings since implant? I would go to the doctor and tell him about your tiredness and see what can be done. It might just need a change in programming.
You shouldn't be this tired. There could be something else going on.
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I agree, check with your doctor/technical support. It may be as simple as increasing the HR setting.  I believe a slow HR, or very low blood pressure, or both, can cause one to be tired.  I do not have any personal experience with a pacemaker.  Are you fully paced? i.e., completely dependent on the pacemaker, or is it a back-up and cuts in only if you HR goes too low?
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