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i have been told i have a wandering atrial pacemaker, my resting heart rate is 120 to 130bpm. i have tried several medications and am currently on 5mg of bisoprlol which does not seem to help. i am going back to the cardiologist what type of other treatments are there. im a 29yr old female.
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I do not know anything specifically about the "blocker concentration" of Bisoprolol , but if it is anything close to that of Metoprolol (a common generic beta blocker used in the USA) I'd say 5 mg is very low dosage.  I take 50 mg of Metoprolol and get a considerable reduction in my AFib driven heart rate (down from a rest rate of about 130 to something in the 80s).  This makes me suggest you have a discussion on increasing your beta blocker.

Do you experience any side effects from the  Bisoprolol ?  That is one consideration on setting a dose level, that is if one is having problems with side effects from a drug, it seems unlikely that one would want to increase the dose size.
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