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If anybody has any answers I would be greatful, I an 35 year old male, a little over weight non-smoker and only drink occasionally.  Blood pressure good.  I have had a murmer all my life and it has never caused me any problems, however in the last few weeks I started haveing weird feeling.  Went to cardio doc and he did ekg which was normal, but when he listened to my heart it skipped a beat.  He put me on a 48 holter monitor which I am wearing.  My question is I guess I don't know what I am looking at.  Am I going to get a pace maker?  I am worries because I have 3 year old daughters and I am now afraid I won't see them grow.  Does the murmer and skipped beats make it even more dangerous?

I should also note last year during my echo he found bad pressure which lead to possibility of pulmonary hypertension.  (Very scary). However a cardio cath was normal and everything looked fine.  
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I am not sure what you have based on the skipped beat description.  It could be some sort of pause or an extra beat.  In an otherwise healthy heart short pauses or isolated ectopic beats are of no consequence.  We all will have them at some point in our lives.  Some have them everyday.  Most heart murmurs from what I understand are benign as well though you should ask your doctor if your murmur is of concern and if the palps you are feeling put you at greater risk for cardiac issues.  It is likely the doctor put you on the monitor just to be sure so I would not worry too much until you have had a chance to talk with them.  I rather think if you are not struggling to function or passing out you will likely not need a pace maker and will live a long full life, long enough to see your grandchildren grow.  So long as you maintain healthy lifestyle you are likely at no greater risk for cardiac issue then the next person. Try not to worry until you have spoken with the doctor.   Make a list of questions you want to ask and have that list in hand when you go into the office.  Take care and keep us posted on how you are doing.
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Man you sound like me! I worried like that when I first got out rythmn. I would be lying if I said I didn't worry some still but I think you are jumping the gun a bit with the worry. I had open heart in May to remove a tumor the size of a golf ball and I had some setbacks with it(I have had some A fib) I went to my carido dr this moring and he is going to run a couple more test and he said that he is only doing them because I am worried and just to be extra precautiious because I had some problems after surgery. If all that comes back good then he wants me to get serioius about my exercising.

Having said all that to say this. Don't go too far to the bad thoughts just yet. My advice is this stay attentive to your health and find the cause of your palpitations but live your life. I understand your concern because I have a 10 and 6 year old sons.
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I am with you, my fears go RIGHT to my children and them growing up without me. Its torture living with the skips, flutters, palps, pauses etc. So damn scary. I am in the proceess of going for a 2nd opinion as well just to make myself feel better. I am tired of being scared of these damn things!

One thing I have learned is that our hearts want to beat, they want to be strong and do what is right.  They correct themselves because they don't want to go into a bad beat. The chances of having a bad beat is actually very small, very very small.

But stay on top of it, see your doc, get the tests, and most of all take care of your heart. Lose extra weight, walk most days of the week, stay off fatty foods (I trest myself sometimes but stay within limits) and Always listen to your body. But do not become a cardiac crippled. If you fear it too much, that is what will happen, trust me, I know. I still deal with it everyday of my life and it *****.

I think the other thing is teaching yourself. It is hard to have VT because the heart has to either have scar tissue or other factors. If your heart does not have those things then having palpitations that are deadly, well.... lets just say those chances are way too slim to even worry about.

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Thanks for info, guys.  My 48 hours just ended and cant wait to take a shower.  I do try to stay on healthy diet could be better (way better) but I run 2-3 miles a few times a week and did a half marathon four months ago, that's why I am even more freaked out, I thought I was doing okay but then this.

I do drink an energy drink once a week and never really noticed much until today.  My doc told me to drink one with monitor on and I did this am, about an hour and half later my heart was going crazy.  So that will be the last one I drink. I turn my monitor in today and have app with doc Monday.  No Friday appointments :(

I will let yall know what they say.  Will try not to freak out till then.  Thanks.
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My doc told me today that runners sometimes develop problems later in life because they over exercise there heart.
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I wish I could say that's the case, but I am not that hardcore a runner.  :). I hope you are healing well.
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Sorry it took so long to respond.  I wore the monitor and the doc said it was palps in upper chambers but did not think it was dangerous.  During the test I drank a monster energy drink, my heart was going crazy.  I have drank one a week for a while and never notice this before.  So since the test I have cut out caffine and haven't really felt a palp since.  I do miss energy drinks and ice tea, but its a small price.  So now IRS just a matter of annual check ups again.  Thanks for tour help.
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