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palpitations...working thru them..with exercise..!

Yep. After the stressful day yesterday..the palpitations were back something fierce. Moreso when I get up and walked..anywhere. Even from my desk to the bathroom and back. I had to workout yesterday ( I workout with my husband at his cardiac fitness ctr-he has to workout there, and they gave us a great rate if we came together)...because I know I will have to tell them, and they will put the monitor on me--they will do this for free just to watch. They know from my doctor that my palpitations are benign, but they want to have me wear the monitor when working out anyways.. It will be a totally miserable workout because my heart will go nuts..and continue all night. But...I can NOT let the palps (or the cause--the stress) stop me from working out. But...I dreaded it.

... They were happening so frequently that I DID go to the fitness center, but I asked the technician if she thought I should exercise.
Her comment? "Well, you know that they always improve by the time you are done. Give it a shot."
So...they put me on the portable heart monitor, and away I went. Oh my gosh. In the beginning...strictly willpower kept me on that treadmill, because I wanted to get off and go home SO bad. My palpitations were fast and furious. But, I saw the tech watching the screen, and I knew if it was anything, she would be over to tell me to get off...so I kept going.
About 15 minutes into the workout I noticed they were continuing, but not so bad.
I went harder.
at 40 minutes I quit, and went into the cooldown..thats when they usually come back. They did...but not bad.
When I was completly done, I went up to her and asked her what she had seen. She said what she see, was in the beginning, she said wow, I admire you for sticking with it. If you felt all of those (I did) then you have great willpower to stick with it. But--they were ALL PACs, with a couple PVCs. Absolutly NOTHING that was threatening, or scary, or dangerous. She said, what I did see, is that as you continued into the workout--they slowly DISAPPEARED...and she said, as you are standing here now, done with the workout, they are almost non existant.
And she was right.
So, the workout definatly helped.
Amazing what it can do.
And exercise...really amazing what THAT can do!!!!
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Good news, and congratulations for the strength to "overcome".

Long before I  had problems with AFib I was told exercise helps reduce stress.. seems you have proven that in your case.  Or, do you think it is something else, other than lower stress?

I no longer go to a "fitness" center, dropped my membership when I could no longer run on the treadmill.  I figure why pay to walk, I can walk in the neighborhood for "free".  Anyway, I never got to where I enjoyed working out - I always looked forward to the end of the workout period.  Same for walks if I am on a routine course.  Something new, helps and great weather also helps for outside exercise... not much of that on the East Cost (US) this past July, or even now in August.
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I can understand this situation so much, it's almost impossible.

How did your palpitations during exercise feel, by the way? Thuds in the chest? Skipped beats? Hard beats? "Heart in the throat"?

I had those palpitations during exercise and I started to paint scary pictures in my mind. PVCs during exercise? Heart disease? Ion-channel-pathology like LQTS or CPVT?

I got them monitored on Holter, and they were just PACs. And yes, they go away if you just relax and keep going.

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