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pregnancy and pvc's/tachycardia

I am thinking of becoming pregnant again~and I am a bit worried that my pvc's/pac's may get worse along with the tachycardia when I do. I went to the cardiologist this week and asked him and he said that yes it could get worse. I guess I would just like to hear how other women have been during pregnancy. The doctor also gave me atenolol 25 mg and told me to take it as needed and not everyday but only when the symptoms are bad. And he said if I needed it during pregnancy I should take it. Any thoughts on this???

My palps have actually decreased lately but the fast heart beat comes and goes. I hope someone can give me their experiences.

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Hi there.  I've been prescribed atenolot 25 mg a day since I've been 16weeks pregnant.  I started having palpitations around 8 weeks...never had them before.  As my pregnancy progressed they became worse.  Since I've started the Atenolol they arn't as bad, and don't last as long.  I'm 21 weeks along now, and have been diagnosed with PAF.  I was worried about the atenolol considering some of the side effects listed, but it hasn't been too bad. I know a few women who are taking 100mg/day and have had healthy babies.  I saw a perinatologist recently and he told me that they will monitor the baby closely and keep an eye on his growth.  I really hope this goes away after I have the baby, since there seems to be no underlying cause that they can find for me to all of a sudden have this problem.  Good luck to you, and wish you all the best.
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I'm afraid first mine became a problem during pregnency too. I'd had a few per day day before pregnancy but never paid any attention to them. Suddenly, one night at 26 weeks pregnant, they started at 6 per minute and stayed at 1000-2000 per day. I have to say it was worth it though so please don't let this put you off. Also, just because it happened to us doesn't mean the same will happen to you. Next time (if there is one) I will take a low dose beta blocker.
Mine decreased by about 75% after pregnancy down to a few hundred per day. Research shows that pregnancy-induced PVCs usually decrease by 90-95% after pregnancy so I had hoped for a better reduction. Five months postpartum I decided to try a beta blocker (acebutolol) and they are down to a few per day now (now ten months post postpartum).
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I have the opposite story.  My PVC's disappeared ENTIRELY during pregnancy!!!  Thought I was cured!  It was a wonderful 9 months.  I continued to be symptom free until my little one was 6 months old.  

There was no rhyme or reason for the dissipation or the return of the things.  

Good luck.
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For me the last 4 months of pregnancy were HORRIBLE. Again like the others said, not trying to scare you off from pursuing pregnancy because it is SO worth it in the end. My PVC's and tachycardia were horrendous my last trimester. I continued to work out though. Never took meds. The labor was another story. It put SO much strain on my body and I practically went into a drug induced cardiac arrest. I went back for an emergency c-section and at that time my heart was so unstable they could only give me local anesthetic. Talk about OUCH. They pumped me full of so many troubles to try and stablelize my heart. It was going from 260 to 30 to 180 to 40. Finally in the 20's they gave me atropine again and my heart kinda figured things out. Once I saw my baby for the first time though all my pain went away and I could have cared less what my heart was doing. Currently my heart is a little bit better. I had to take meds for about a month to try and get the tachycardia under control...and I will walk to the ends of the earth before I take meds. I'm back to being able to do light workouts now.

Anyway. Well that was a novel ;-)

Best wishes to you in whatever you decide.
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I experienced my first svt attack with my first pregnancy right around 20 weeks. I called 911 and my hear rate was 255 beats per minute and I couldnt breath. I was given Adenosine in my iv and my rythem went back to normal. After that I was perscribed Metoprolol 25mg a day. I continued having attacks at least once sometimes twice a week all the way up until a week after my son was born. The medications had no effect on my baby. I am now 8 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby and just saw my cardiologist. He prescribed me 25mg Atenolol twice a day starting my 2nd trimester. Hopefully it helps prevent or at least lessen the attacks this time because they are scary!
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