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I have been on Propranolo for almost a year now for a previous hyper thyroid (hashimoto's) condition. Endo still has me on it very small dosage 10mg. am 10mg pm. I am now experiencing constipation has anyone on this medication experienced this sideeffect?

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Hi Trisha...

I am not on this particular Betablocker but have had many patients complain of constipation related to this med. It is listed as one of the possible side effects that may be experienced.

Is the Endo planning to take you off this at some point?
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Thanks for the answer regarding Propranolol. I see her again for a 6th month check-up in April and I will discuss it with her then. I have a mild Mitral Valve Prolapse and Mild Tricuspid Insuffiency so she has me on 10mg am and 10mg Pm. She said it will not hurt me being on that low of a dosage for now. I used towake-up froma sound sleep once in awhile with my heart racing man that was scary. I do not know if that was from my thyroid problem or Perimenopause. Non the less I have not had that happen in a year so far. zmy main concern is my Liver because anything we put in our bodies get  filtered through our Liver.  Well thanks for the Chat. Have a good night.

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Don't worry about your liver on 10 mg twice a day.  Unless, your liver is already failing.. you're golden.  If only 10 mg helps you not to wake up racing, that is a blessing.  I carry 10 mg tabs to take as needed.  I have been known to take an extra 10-20 tabs a day at times.  I call them PEZ because I thought they did nothing.  I took them on top of a regular long acting propranolol dose.  Haven't had to since adding the diltiazem and flecainide to the beta - blockers.

One of your best plans of action is to be sure your fluid intake is high.  Being dehydrated at all can both pick up your heart rate and factor into constipation.  Hope it works very well for you.
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WOW that is such a high Dosage WHy so much!! DO you have Tachycardia or other Hear realted sysmptoms that warrant this dosage? I do try to drink at least 50 oz a day of water. I also eat alot of Organic food. But I do love Chocolate. Thanks again for taking the time to answer me back. It's nice to have somone that shares my concerns regading theses meds.

Good night and god Bless you

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As to the WHY so much... my rate would still go 150-180 all the time mostly no matter what I took.  That was in the beginning.  How we initially got started on so much was because propranolol is safe during pregnancy.  The rate and rhythm problems were badly exacerbated by my second pregnancy, but they could n't fool around with too many drugs.  During the whole pregnancy, they could never find my baby's heart rates because mine was faster.  I ended up having 4 months of heart failure through it.. thankfully, she was born 5 weeks early without having to be induced.  Once that was done, we could branch out with the meds, but it became much less necessary as the extra 40% blood volume disappeared.  I never did recover all the function though.

Amazingly, I never even had low bp probs with all that,  my body would just adjust.  Once I was on it AND metoprolol AND lisinopril, bp started to be more problematic but the rhythms were bad.  Then they added diltiazem and kept increasing the dose every two weeks.  Then, flecainide was added.. and my rate slowed down... ALL the way down.  I had to be taken into the ER with a rate of 0.  So, they gave me a pacemaker so they actually could give me all those meds and not just kill me.  It's been a journey.  Unfortunately, it isn't over yet.  I never know what is coming next.

10mg twice a day is not too bad.  I hope it works out that easily for you.  Take care of yourself.
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That is an amazing story.  Had you had problems before you go pregnant? So now you are still experiencing these bouts even after the children were born? I cannot believe that cannot figure out what is causing this to happen. Wow that is a FAST RATE.Ii WILL KEEP YOU IN MY PRAYERS FOR GODS HEALING. KEEP IN TOUCH AND LET ME KNOW HOW YOU ARE DOING.

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(I am not Brook).  I did have problems before I was pregnant.  I was told it might not be a good idea to have children, but... glad I did.  My 2 kids were born in '99 and '03.  Things originally started in '93.  After having been sick for most of a year with terrible scary tropical diseases while I was a missionary in Bangladesh, I got a viral infection while in Nepal which settled in my heart.  My whole heart was swollen from the inside in.  As it healed, it made scar tissue that has completely made the conduction go haywire.  

I actually tolerated the very fast rate for a long time.  Once, after a long time gong quick, I made an appt with my doc.  (notice I didn't say I went to the ER... I made an appt).  I told him I just didn't tolerate 180 like I used to.  Found out by letting go lickety split all the time, my heart was wearing out.  It started being treated with more than propranolol and actually things have been going worse all the time.  When I told him I really didn't feel good anyway and would like to NOT take all the meds... he was taken aback.. and told me I wouldn't live very long if I did.  So, primarily because my kids were born in 99 and 03, I take everything they tell me too.

I am counting on God's healing.  Seems the only option, but certainly a viable option.  As long as God is on the throne, there is still hope.  Thanks for the prayers.
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