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I have been diagnosed with pvc's (w/out the presence of heart

disease). I also have headaches and dizziness that i was wondering if

they were caused by the pvc's. I am still concerned with the sudden

cardiac death due to the pvc's. Is there a cause for concern? Also is

there a particular diet that i should follow to help control the pvc's

or some type of other technique i could do? They are really

bothersome and i would like to get them under control if at all as

soon as possible. Can chocolate, sweets, caffeine, beer, or excercise

throw my heart into the pvc's? I do not get the pvc's everyday, but

when they do occur i start to have severe anxiety for which i take

ativan for and i try to relax, but as i lay down and relax i can feel the

irregular beat through my chest and neck which makes it hard to go

to sleep.
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I have suffered from pvc's for 6 years,  its a vicious cycle.  Anything can casue them, caffiene, chocolate, acid reflux, lack of sleep, hormones, the list is enlist and its tiresome to try and figure them out.  The cycle is pvc's followed by anxiety which in turns makes more pvc's.   I eventually went on a beta blocker to help me with them.  I would get them 24/7 no break.    Once you are aware of them you become aware of every beat of your heart.  Its hard to not get yourself worked up and panic.  You will find many many people on the forum with the same issues and you may find comfort knowing your not alone.  If your cardiologist has ruled out any heart abnormality then your heart is okay and the pvc's are harmless.   Hang around and read and hopefully find some comfort with us.
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Wow, sorry for typos, I need some sleep!
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Sounds like there is nothing to worry about.  With a structually normal heart, the PVCs are likely to be benign and will not generate into the more sinister ventricual tachcardia or ventricular fibrillation.

Unless you are getting more than 4,000 a day, which may require more aggressive treatment (including possible ablation which I successfully had) any of the following may help:
(a) Cognitive therapy,
(b) Alternative medicine such as magnesium, taurine, hawthorne (in consultation with your Doctor and naturopath of course)
(c) Exercise more, as it normally abolishes the PVC as the natural pacemaker of the heart takes over at a higher heart rate

Try and stay away from the sedatives and anti-depressants if you can. Believe me, they are very difficult to wean yourself off.

Read the forum as there are many people who share the same problem as you and can share their insights and coping strategies into how to manage this benign but annoying condition.

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