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pvcs and zoloft

This is more of an update. but I just wanted to post that I tried the Zoloft for two days, and I did not do well.
I felt wired, and stuck coming home on a 200 mile deive, the pvcs were going crazy. When I got home, they backed off some, and the next day I discontinued the Zoloft. I feel better, my pvcs have subsided to where I can go most of the day without too many of them. when I exercise, they cease, and when I am done exercising, I feel better and more confident. I wont be taking Zoloft anymore. It may be a good med for some people, but I did not do too well on it.
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Not all people experience PVCs from Anti-Depressants, but a measurable amount of people do. I've had problems before with similar products. Glad to see that it's working out for you.
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thanks for your reply. this site is a nice place to be.
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