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pvcs back after almost 3 year absence

i was posting here in 2014 when these ectopics were driving me crazy...most uncomfortable....i still think my gerd sets something off, but then, it seems to go away...never totally, but mostly.

now, the episodes are back...in 2014 I had all the tests, echo cardiogram, holter monitor for 48 hrs, nuclear stress tests. no pvc burden, negative stress test....but now, they are back...i just wonder what medical science can do to understand what causes these episodal flairups and what causes them to dissipate for months, years sometimes, but then return again....many have them, most disruptive, sometimes they are so bad that they make me feel tired, and just awful...feedback welcome....thanks
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Sadly, not much has changed.
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Medical and scientific research are expensive.  You have to get funding to hire employees, get a research facility, buy supplies, etc.  The truth is that drama sells:  cancer, for example, harms and kills thousands of people and animals every year.  It will always get waaaay more funding than a benign (if annoying) condition like garden variety PVCs.

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