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I have red a lot of posts about pvc's and pac's but none fitted my situation
I am a 14 year old male (15 in september)
I am not overweight, I eat pretty healthy,I don't drink alcohol or coffee, I don't smoke, I am a cyclist (on a high level) so I exercise very much and I sleep about 7/8 hours a night
I start experiencing this weird feelings in my chest since a few months now. It's like a hollow feeling in my chest for a second followed by a hard beat.
I have these feelings i think 6/7 times a month. Sometimes I don't have them in weeks and sometimes I have them 2 days after eachother. I haven't got 2 of these pvc's on one day
I am a little bit worried that this might be dangerous and that it has something to do with my sport?
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Sounds like they're PVCs.  Even if they are, there's not much that can be done to treat the benign variety. The amount you are getting is really low.  You aren't describing any symptoms that would concern a medical person.  If you wanted, you could go to a doctor to get more studies done.
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Like itdood stated, your situation is likely going to be considered benign so long as your heart is healthy.  They are not a danger to you at all if your heart is healthy.  They can be distracting but they are harmless but it may be best to get a check up on your heart and health in general just to be sure there aren't any congenital health issues looming.  If you haven't had any other concerning symptoms more than likely not you will be found healthy but best to get checked out to be sure.
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Thanks for your respons what kind of other concerning symptoms I have to look out for?
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Chest pain, shortness of breath not from exertion or passing out are some of the more concerning symptoms.  I will sometimes get chest pain with my pvcs but it doesn't last long, maybe 5 - 10 minutes.  It is more of a stabbing pain then a crushing pain which is more concerning.  As well I can get a little short of breath if I am having a lot of pvcs but the shortness doesn't impede my ability to function whereas I had an svt that caused my heart to race very fast, during those episodes I could not breath very well at all because my heart was not getting sufficient blood because it was beating too fast.  Pvcs are just extra little beats that don't do much to disrupt our heart beat.  Especially when they only happen in isolated numbers.  If you start to notice runs of them that might be concerning but even then if whatever your heart is doing resolves on its own in very short order then you are not likely in any real danger but again it is best to get your heart evaluated just to make sure it is strong and healthy.  Take care.
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