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49 yr old normal stress test,echo,ct angio, but frequent pvcs,makes me feel like dying or to go to vtac.
what can I do.anything.
please let me know.

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Offhand, I'd first say (with everything you listed there normal) you are NOT going to die of this. For all of us with frequent PVCs it feels like you're going to die at points and the stress is crazy, which makes it worse. But remember there are people on here that had had PVCs damn near their whole life and they're still ticking.

Advice? Listen to your doctors for one - if what they say is not enough for you, and it usually isn't, get another opinion. Other things I've done: cut caffeine, alcohol (mostly), chocolate (yikes!) and I never smoked. I added magnesium supplements as well as various B vitamin supplements. I am also on anti-anxiety meds: 75mg Effexor XL daily and Xanax when needed. You will hear a lot of people say stress and anxiety contributes greatly to the PVCs and this is true. But some might say its the main cause and that is BS.

We all know how crazy-scary the skipping can be. I've only had them for a few months and its driven me nuts at times. But I'm still here and adjusting mentally to the fact that they are benign in me and will not kill me. For me, eventually if they got worse I might try some of the meds others are on (toprol, metropol) or eventually look back into an EP study.

Hope some of this blathering helps.
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Thanks Brian,
I do not take any caffeine, but because of my job I am under stress a lot.
I will try to do some changes to my schedule to see if that helps.
I am on Ativan now , and I take it as needed.
It is good to know that I am not alone.
good luck
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Exercise is the number 1 stress reliever.  I've been cutting back on my mass building, and doing a lot more running.  You can call me Forrest Gump.  Luckily, my heart NEVER acts up while i'm exercising for some reason.  Also, on days I run, my heart doesn't act up as much at night, which is the problem time of day.
If most of you folks aren't already running, i'd give it a shot (assuming of course you have your doctor's clearence, I don't have everyones personal medical background).  I'm just counting off the hours now until my jog  :)

PS  Listening to music is another stress reliever!  Buy an ipod and download your favorite songs and you can listen to your music while you run.  The stress just melts away.
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