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radicchio lettuce

Can a person who is on cumedin eat radicchio lettuce? It is red and contains no green color.
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I snooped around some more and found a nutrition data dot com that had the information. But the serving sizes are not consistent. At least at USDA you can choose your serving size. Anyway:
1 leaf of green leaf lettuce has 8.2 mcg of Vit K

1 cup of radicchio has 102 mcg of Vit K.

Trying to guess how much green leaf it takes to make a cup, hmm, looks like they're both pretty close in terms of Vit. K.  
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I usually go to the US Dept. of Agriculture to find nutrition amounts for various foods. For some reason they're not listing various lettuce types. I tried basic "lettuce" and found that 1 cup of cooked lettuce (yuck) has 19.4 mg of vit K. Any other idea how I might search for radicchio? Is it related to something else I could search?
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