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randpm heart palpations

I am a healthy 25 y/o f and I've been having random heart palpitations, sometimes just fast heart beat and sometimes I feel like my heart skips a beat, even when I am sitting calmly and watching tv. I have no other symptoms, except sometimes my blood pressure drops. I don't take any medications and I have no allergies. I never had a panic attack or anything close to it. I've had an echo and an ecg done in the past and routine blood tests annually which are normal. I drink one coffee a day and avoid soda's, only drink water and tea. What else could be causing these random palpitations?
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I'm sorry for the typo, I meant to write "random"
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Unfornately anything can cause palpitations.   We can be as healthy as can be and our hearts have a minf of there own.    When you feel your blood pressutre drop does that get you upset that can cause some minor anxiety to start and then hour heart will race and possibly skip a beat.   I know when my blood pressure gets low and I feel like a dizzy feeling I immediately feel like I go into anxiety mode for a moment.

Have you seen a cardiologist?   Maybe wearing a holter monitor can catch an episode
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My cardiologist also told me that occasional skipped beats are actually just a normal variant of sinus rhythm.  Tons of people have them, try not to worry, it will make them worse.  If you are really concerned or have other symptoms you should see your cardiologoist.
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I understand exactly how you feel.  I, too, have heart palpitations, heart fluttering feeling.  I went to the cardiologist where he gave me a full work up:  eco-cardiogram, ekg, blood work and wore an events (holter) monitor for two weeks  All test were normal.  I was told skipped heart beats are normal and some people notice them more than others.  I still get them from time to time, but have managed to ignore them and they do go away.  You mentioned you drink only one cup of coffee....try de-caf as well as decaf tea.  I switched from regular tea to decaf and it did seem to help.  To put your mind at ease, maybe you should see a cardiologist.  Good Luck..
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Thank you all for your responses, I guess it's more of a psychological thing becuase I notice them whereas other people ignore or don't even pay attention to it like me.
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