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recovery after training

I am 38 year old male ,not active in sport , smoker , and occasionally drink few beers, but I am in need to improve my fitness  and I went in gym and I started to use treadmill.My goal is to get 2 mile for 18:18. OK however i started to run and my time was over 20 minutes , but problem is I got heart rate during running around 192, as well as my heart rate stayed around 115 three hours later.I am little bit nervous about my goal because I have to get it( job req.).Please could you tell me is that slow recovery dangerous sign , or I am just not fit enough.One more think , might be important, mu heart rate in rest is mostly between 80-100. Thanks in advance for your time to give me an answer.
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Hey Max....what you are describing is all normal trust me.  When people work out alot of times their heart rate is in the upper 100's and is completely normal for what they are doing physically.  With your heart rate at 115 three hours later is still okay because your body is just cooling down....a normal heart rate in an non athlete is 70-120 so you are definately fine.  Relax and enjoy getting healthier and REMEMBER to hydrate completely while you are working out not just after its very important for a healthy heart my friend.....good luck
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