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serious rhtym inferior ischemia

my sis ecg results stated that she was having a serious rhtym inferior ischemia,she is wondering how did he got this?is this a kind of disease?she is really worrying bout this matter...how long the medication will it take for someone carrying this kind of heart disease?or is this really can cure by just a medicines?please help me...and i do really appreciate your advice...thank you very much..
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I respond mostly to keep your post on the top of the list.

I don't know what an "inferior ischemia" is and have not tried yet to look it up.  If you have more information, other input from the doctor and wish to share, that may help us to better explore your questions.

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Inferior ischemia is not a rhythm. It is a change in the heart. Ischemia is basically when anything is not getting enough oxygen, enough so that it can cause tissue damage. Inferior refers to the lower region of the heart. So what the ECG said was that your sisters heart was not getting enough oxygen. This sets off a red alarm for anyone reading the ECG. I don't know the exact cause of your sisters ischemia as there are many different causes, but I suggest she stay under the care of cardiologist as this is a serious matter.
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