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spontaneous pneumothrax causing sharp chest pain? of maybe SVT?

Hi, last May i had a Spontaneous Pneumothorax and had to have a chest tube put in my side. Since then, i have been getting extremely sharp pains on my left side. The pain is right under my left breast and intensifies every time i breath in deeply or exhale too much. If i push on my rib cage, under my breast, the pain is not as severe, but as soon as i stop pushing, it comes back. When my lung collapsed, the started pushing on my heart, so im not sure if that would have anything to do with it. My doctor also said i have a slight SVT condidition. Im not sure what this chest pain is from, but its here almost everyday, and hurts really bad. What could this be? and how can i make it stop? Thanks!
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That type of chest pain is not related to SVT.  It is pleuritic chest pain and is likely from the outer layer of your lung.  Ibuprofen will sometimes help this sort of pain if it is from active inflammation. I am not sure how to fix pain like that.  It is probably best to talk to a pulmonologist.  
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I'm a healthy, 25 year old woman who has had occasional sharp, localized chest pain since I was a child. After some research and visiting my doctor, I've been told its precrodial catch syndrome. The pain gets very sharp when I breathe in and it doesn't cease until I feel a popping sensation in my chest (usually left side under my breast). Recently, though, I have been feeling an even more intense, debilitating pain in my chest which generally occurs just doing everyday, low-stress activities or when I'm at rest. Last night it woke my out of my sleep and got very intense when I exhaled (it usually hurts more when I inhale). It lasted longer than my usualy PCS attacks and felt more intense. I don't really have any other related symptoms. I would appreciate any of your thoughts! Thank you.
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