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stress test

I have A Fib and I could not do the stress test with the treadmill    so the doctor wants to give me an injection (dobuytamine hcl/250 and sestamibi(2) in order to race my heart to get it up to a certain speed and  I am concerned since I have the A. Fib and take medication for it (Diltazam).  Is it dangerous for me to have the test??
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They will have all the meds readily available should you go into afib.  It will done in a controlled enviroment.  After my first a-fib episode they had me do the stress test and they advised they are prepared for anything,  You need to trust your cardiologist.  Good Luck!
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The doctor should have appraised you of the benefits and risks involved in having this medical testing, and of the other choices you may have, along with their benefits and risks.  If he or she has not, or you are concerned about it, do not be afraid to seek another qualified opinion. I would not hesitate to get another opinion even if you are not concerned. (This is your life we are talking about).

Just curious. What is the purpose of the stress test?  Have you had angina? If you had angina, could they get the same or better information about the status of you coronary arteries using a heart cath? I have been through one of those and it is not that bad.

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Actually, I guess I should have asked you to clarify your question.  Are you concerned because dobuytamine might be contraindicated in your case? A question like this probably should only be answered by a doctor.
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