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sun sensitivity from medications


Wondering if anyone else has experienced this before...

I have been on flecainide for about 3 weeks and acebutolol for about 2 weeks.  About 2 weeks ago I was outside and my face especially around my cheeks and nose was burning.  It was sunny out, but not overly warm (55) I was outside for about an hour.  I was participating in a fire department training and we were in a pond that was kindof dirty, i figured some of the water irritated my skin.  Today I was outside a couple of different times for about an hour each.  Both times my face burned really bad.  I started thinking that maybe the medications were causing my skin to be more sensitive to the sunlight.  Has anyone else experienced this reaction from either of these meds before?

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I know folks can develop a sun sensitivity from some meds. I've never taken either of these you've mentioned. Years ago I did develop a sensitivity from BC pills. At work I noticed if I sat outside during lunch, by the time I came back in I had a rash all over my arms and face, tiny little bumps just where my skin was exposed.
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With some medicines, your not supposed to stay out in the sun.
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Amiodarone is a really bad one for being in the sun! It will actually turn the skin blue. My daughter was out canoeing once and the shk was overcast; she can home so badly burned we had to wrap her in wet towels, her hands swelled up so bad that she couldn't make a fist. That drug is really bad! If your face was the only thing affected, I would question if it were the drugs; if it was the drugs, every part of your body that was exposed to the sun would have given you the same problem.
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I too had read that amiodarone could be really bad for sun exposure.  That is horrible that your daughter had such a bad reaction.  I just have redness and a burning sensation on my face and also my hands...being Maine in the late winter, those were the only body parts exposed :) ...i'll keep an eye on it...

Thanks for the input
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