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tachycardia & vegas nerve related to eating

I can have severe tachycardia 200 + after eating certain foods but can't sort out which ones.  Seems to be happening more frequently.  Have tried - bearing down, coughing, deep breathing  but it takes a while.  Would love to know why it's happening & what to do to stop it quickly.  I can see the pulse pounding in my stomach!   It's scary & I don't know at what point to go to hospital.  I do have the beginnings of pulmonary hypertension & 2 leaky heart valves but the above response has been going on for years before recent heart conditions.  I read some posts from back in 2005 but nothing about this topic recently.  But I don't navigate computer very well.  Any info grately appreciated!!!  THANKS
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There was a post about this recently, however we were not able to address it well at that time either. It is true that the Vagal Nerve can cause palps but there has been some debate of it after eating. I do have an increase in pulse after eating but I don't experience palps, but do have some discomfort.

Some people that have palps after eating have a Hiatal Hernia as well as some type of valve problems.

I have Mitral Valve Prolapse. The valve does seem to leak a little but I usually don't have palps except for a recent incident that landed me in the ER only to be sent home 5 hours later with no answers. Coincidentally, I had just eaten lunch when these palps started and they seemed to go away once I was in the ER a bit and I could tell that I had digested the sandwhich I had for lunch. I explained this to the doctor and he wrote it down but didn't say anyhting.

I had a 24 hr, Holter Monitor done and an Echocardiogram since and I am awaiting the results. My cardiologist said that it is common for people to have palps after eating too much but didn't seem to think that was my problem. He insisted that mine were caused by lack of sleep due to pain issues.

If anything of significance shows up on my tests I will be glad to tell you about it.

Take Care.
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Please excuse me, I meant the "Vagus Nerve". I had the term "vasovagal" on my mind and sort of mudded it up. Apparently I still need more sleep. lol
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Hi  Larrabee,

I adressed the same issue om May 9, 2009. I will copy a fragment of it:

About two weeks ago I remember having a large meal at lunch. Immediately after eating I felt stomach discomfort and I noticed that my heart was beating very fast. My husband rushed me to the ER. My BP was OK. My pulse was 133. EKG was ok but the ER doctor told me that I have sinus tachycardia. He gave me beta blockers but I did not took them. I got an appointment with my cardiologist on may 27, 2009
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Sorry Larrabee. I wasn't finishing posting....hit the wrong button.

I got a comment from SassyLassie:

1. Is it possible that after having a very large meal your heart can start beating that fast? YES, it is very possible, as our system digest the food we eat, it causes everything to work a little harder, and our hearts are no different. Also, if you have any food allergies/sensitivities, these can cause a faster heart rate as well. Oh yes, if you have a hiatal, this will also sometimes cause the heart to race after eatting and can also cause extra beats as well, I have one, and if I eat or drink a lot of water, it will sometimes start them up.

I hope this could help you a bit. Pls keep posting.
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This was the post I was talking about. I knew I remembered one recently.

Thanks Amethyst.

I just wanted to add, if you are getting to 200 that needs to be addressed. It is too high. Mine went to 139 and as you can see from above she went to 133. The doctor in the ER said that 139 was not a danger to me but if it got close to 200 it would be an issue, especially with the valve problem. The pulmonary hypertension should be checked also.

I would make a doctors visit at least to get the once over.

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Hi Larrabee and Red931,

I am scheduled for an echocardiogram (june 18, 2009). They also told that if someone cancels their appointment they will call me sooner. Anyways, the point is, as soon as I get my results I will share them with you.

Red931 I am interested in your results also.

I wish you both well.


I wish you both well
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