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I had a echo/w contrast, wore a holter and had 2 ekg's done.. bloodwork too.. All was good.  Now they want me to have a Pet Scan?  Anyone have this done?  Is it safe?  I am reading not so good things... I can't do the trendmill cause of very bad knees, back, neck stuff.. The last one I did a few years back, they said I couldn't get up to what they wanted me to do, so I can't really imagine doing it any better now?  I would have thought the tests I have had already should be enough!!!!
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What is the suspected diagnosis? Coronary artery disease or other heart conditions?

If you clear this up, it will be easier to answer your question.
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I just have been having alot of pvc's .. And with exertion or walking I get short of breath.. Now being said that, I have asthma, over weight,( working on this)   so they said this is just a precaution thing.. Guess just to rule out any issues... But the pet scan scares me.. just was wondering what to expect.. 2 yrs ago, I went thru the same test, except I had the stress trendmill test.  All was good..
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I read from your other post that you had 59 PVCs during 24 hours. That's really nothing. Your shortness of breath with walking is more concerning, but if you have asthma and the symptoms feels like this, it can be explained. Regarding the PET scan, I don't understand why that is so scary? I guess they are looking at your heart muscle and coronary arteries.

In my country they are not doing tests unless they have to (public healthcare) so I am used to follow the doctor's advice. Maybe it's a good idea for you too, so you can get a diagnosis and possibly treatment? I can't take that decision for you, but a PET scan is usually not a dangerous test.
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I don't know what a PET scan is, the only insight I might add is I have read hundreds of posts on this board and I don't recall every reading one about a PET scan.  So, it must not be very commonly done, but my memory isn't the best, it may have been discussed here many times, do a search that'll give the history.

That said, I read that your doctor has not been able to rule out blockage in the heart muscles, to my knowledge the key reason for running a stress even a nuclear stress test.  If these test indicate a problem, as they have in my case - false positive - one goes for a heart catheter examination.  That is invasive, and while very safe is more risky than non-invasive tests like echo/ekg/stress.

A problem in the USA health system, is doctors over prescribe (assuming insurance or other ability to pay) tests to protect themselves if a malpractice law suit should occur.  I say this from what I read in the "press", I don't think my doctors have done unnecessary tests, but then I do have heart problems.

Here is my result from a search on PET:


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