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too expensive!

I'm a 50 yr old man and i need a catheter ablation for my arterial flutter. i have no insurance. i've had a consult w/ a electrophysiologist here in Dallas. two different hospitals have given me cash up front price quotes of approx $20,000. usd for room/labs and doctor fees. one said i could get it done in mexico much cheaper and i'm familiar w/ Costa Rica also. i'm not overweight, and have been a serious endurance athlete for over 25 years and am in excellent shape. My flutter shos up on ecg's but only really bothers me during times of extreme exercise such as hills on the bike. during 'normal" hard exercise i feel fine.  they said its not urgent but is advised soon, but i can't afford to pay that much and i want to be able to put the hammer down while training. can you recommend a hosp/doc in latin america?
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I have no idea on that one.  I have heard that this is increasingly an option for people that pay out of pocket.  I am sorry that I cannot help you with this.

Good luck.
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