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too many pvc

Hi, I'm kay and hve had alot of pvc for a long time i have them every day and nite. i was told i can"t take med's to help because my puse is to low. can" have an ablatio because to dangerous cause of location of pvc. would love to hear from someone . Any input would help.thanx.  hansonkay.
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Hey i read your post......and the doc is right most of the time they use a beta blocker to keep PVC's under control and with that comes low blood pressure.  I am assuming that the reason they are telling you that they cannot do the ablation is because the problem area is too near the sinus/AV node which is the basic brain of the heart tellling the heart how/when to pump and if they hit that while doing the procedure you could end up on a pacemaker for the rest of your life .......if my doc told me this there are a couple of things here...did anyone do an EP study on you to make this decision?  That is the only true way to know...i would hope that the doc that told you this is a heart doc that has done ablations themselves...if not go out and get a second opinion because it sounds to me like they aren't treating you ...am i right or if they are what are they treating you with?  Just make sure that they doc that told you this is an EP specialist and definately not a family doctor.....good luck
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Im 51 now and these started when I was 24 and pregnant. Now im going though menopause and they are nearly constant. At some point i have had all the tests except a stress test and they keep telling me anxiety- stress- menopause etc.etc, wont kill you.yada yada... I take meds and they dont help.
I guess you try to learn to live with them, its difficult  because you just want them to stop.
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Hi!, thanx's for the reply. You have been dealing with this for along time. I can't believe you're doc. never had you take a stress test. I , see an ep. specialist for my heart and have been put through the ringer when it came to test's. I don't get relief from the constant pvc's,mine are daily because my heart rate is in the 50's usually so I can't take any med's to help. They would all lower my pulse. It's good to hear from someone. kay1951
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Hey, sory it took me awhile to reply. I don't realy know how to type or to post comment's yet so I hope you get this. I do not no the medical terms and what they mean.I see an ep. doc. and he said it was way to dangerous in the location that my pv's are in to attempt an alblation. I can't take any type of med's fpr them as they would lower my pulse even more. I have an up coming apt. with my ep. first week in Sept. Will find ou more then i hope. goo talking to you! This forum is great. Hope you are doing ok. thanx kay1951
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How many PVCs are you actually having?. The bench mark these days for more aggressive management of PVCs is about 4,000 a day. There is emerging research that more than this potentially predisposes people to left ventricular dysfunction. Don't let the doctors tell you otherwise, they just haven't read the research- American Journal of cardiology etc

Have you had an electrophysiology testing to determine exacatly where the PVCs are originating from. I understand if they are in the left ventricle then they are harder to cure.
I had a successful ablation for pvcs originating from the right ventriular outflow tract- where the vast majority of benign pvcs are triggered. They used CARTO_ a new 3d imaging technique that makes it easier to identify the irritable part of the heart and reduces the risk.

At the end of the day you need to ask yourself, can I live with these things?. if not, then ask your doctor about the risks of ablation. My understanding is that it is extremely low- about the same as having a CAT scan-1 in 2000 of having an adverse reaction.  

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