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toprol XL and holter monitor test question?

I had a 24 hour holter monitor test a month ago. It didn't really show anything.
I was taking toprol. Nobody told me NOT to take it. Should I have not
taken it so maybe the toprol masked something on the test results??
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I've had even monitors before and have always taken all my medication, including my Toprol XL.  Were you on the monitor for PACs or PVCs or palps??  Do you usually get them everyday?  Maybe an event monitor would be better for you - you wear it for a month, and when you get symptoms, you press the button, and after 5 events, you call a number, and replay the monitor back to them.  
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I've had tacychardia for 23 years, (no meds for it until 2 years ago, got prescribed toprol XL) but in the last year I've been having what I thought
was low blood sugar attacks. (so my old doc said) I disagreed so I got a second
opinion and new doc is great, did all bloodwork possible and cat scan
and MRI looking for tumors on pituitary gland or adrenal gland.
They found a small tumor on my adrenal gland. Went to an endocrinologist
and he said the adrenal gland tumor is "nonfunctional" in other words
it's NOT causing my 'heart racing" spells. So my doc ordered a holter monitor (24 Hr)
and I was so stressed I don't remember what he said , he might have
mentioned something to do with sinus tacychardia (spelling?) but I remember
the nurse calling with the results and she said there was no abnormalities
on the monitor test. I was wondering if the toprol masked some abnormalitie?
I was getting up in the middle of the nite with major rapid heart rate
that was almost sending me to the ER. It's only after I drink beer the day
or nite before. Toprol makes my blood pressure too low. Doctor
took me off the toprol becuase he thought it was causing hypoglycemic type
symptoms. Endo gave me cardene. ..I was livid. My heart raced for 24 hours
non-stop, threw that away. I've had palpitations since I was 24, I'm 46,
I just ignore them. They can't figure out what's causing the out of the
blue heart racing spells. I just swtiched again last week to verapamil
180mg and since then my heart beat isn't rapid (like the spells I was having)  but it's fast and
it beats "differenrt" like I can feel my whole chest just forcefully
thumping 24/7. If I drink beer , I wake up and heart is racing and doesn'st
calm down. My heart beats too fast without meds. I don't have high blood
pressure. Why is it so difficult to find the right med for me? The toprol worked but it was making my blood pressure too low. I'm going to a cardiologist on the 23rd.
I'm tired of all these meds that aren't doing the job and I'm not waiting
for my doctor to make an appt. I've called him so many times, (I just
started going to him in June) I feel like I'm a hypochodriac ,so I made
my own appt w/ a cardiologist? My heart rate is somewhat okay when laying
down but as soon as I eat, heart races, soon as I climb stairs or my hilly yard
,heart races, I feel like my heart is going to beat right out of my chest.
Is this normal? . .Maybe I don't know the true definition of tacyachardia?
I'm getting discouraged.  How could tacychardia show up on the holter monitor
test if I was taking toprol to slow my heart down?
I'm confused and fed up. I have only been to regular doc and 1 endocrinologist.
I've never seen a cardiologist ever in my life? . .Will he finally get me straightened out?
What is PVC and PAC's? This is all new to me.
sorry so long!
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