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trying to find a correlation bet tingling hands and vibration

Great comments from everybody.  For one to two weeks my hands tingled.  Not pins & needles but enough to leave me puzzled and concerned.  Then went and got a physical.  Blood Glucose was good but blood pressure was 135/70 (seemed like a big split but doc brushed it off).    5 days later I woke up at 5 am with 150+ hr and whole body vibrating.  Amazingly I hopped up pretty fast without dizziness and began taking my pulse and calming down.  Still went to emergency.  All my blood readings were normal except for lymphocytes which was 6 points above normal (46).  [Cardiologist later told me that higher lymphocytes were normal this time of year because everybody is fighting some kind of virus.]  Wore a holter monitor for 24 hours (which of course was "normal").  After my episode the tingling in my hands has subsided at least 50% which makes it hardly noticeable.  But the tingles have turned into random pain in my hands and fingers.  The pain level is about a .5 to 2 and it is at totally random times.  At the same time I got tingles in my feet and shins (not on the soles of my feet).  I also struggled with sleeping - waking up every hour with vibrations.  This is still occuring.  My RHR is still a little high when I wake - around 70 bmp (still higher than the usual 60-65).  The vibrations are bugging me.  The pain in my hands are very, very slowly subsiding as well as the tingling in my feet/shins.  6 days later went to cardiologist who basically said there was nothing wrong with me.  I screwed up by building a strong case of anxiety.  I told him I want to find the connection between tingling hands, heart palpitation, hand pain, circulation issues, increase RHR, vibration, etc. and he told me "stop, just go live life".  So basically I went from tingling hands; to tachycardia; to less tingling but more pain in hands, more tingling in feet, and vibrations when I sleep.  Oh I also get very red hands with white dots when I hang them to my sides - doc said my circulation is fine.  But that isn't normal doc!!!  Thyroid is supposedly okay but I have a feeling there is something wrong with my adrenal gland.  My basal stress level is high.  After years of bouncing it got to where somebody would tell me "No!" and my heard rate would skyrocket to 120+ with a wave of adrenaline going through my system.  Even now a simple thought can get my heart racing.  So yes I do have anxiety issues but still need to figure out how it correlates to the other things I mentioned?
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If you were a diabetic, the tingling sensation could be significant.  If you are not diabetic, then it is probably a sign of hyperawareness of body sensations.  Same with 'vibrations.'  Your vibrations could be slight muscle twitching related to nervousness or even hyperawareness of blood circulating through your body.

Your tachycardic episodes are brief and not dangerously high, and they correlate well with either daytime or nighttime panic attacks, which have different manifestations.  You can google that.

Your red hands are probably showing the normal effect of gravity, especially if you are fair-skinned and the day is warm or you yourself are slightly overheated.

Your doctor is right:  Your tests show that your heart is healthy, that you are healthy overall, and you'd be a lot happier if you could control your over-sensitivity to bodily 'noise' that has no health significance.

Of course, after people get used to 'listening' nervously to what's going on in their bodies, they generally cannot just shut off that awareness, and that is where professional help comes in.

Are you seeing someone for your health anxiety issues?  If not, I do suggest that, because you can get help that will allow you to live a more normal life, giving attention to things that are far more valuable and rewarding than listening to the inside of your quite functional body.
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thank you.  I'm going to have a nerve test and sleep test done.  I'm sleeping almost all night with regular vibration in the morning.  A little less tingling and pains in the hands but I get slight vibrations in my left arm & hand during the day.  I still have strength.  So my symptoms change every few days.  In the past few days I've been startled by a couple of things...both times an electric shock went straight down to my feet.  
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