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very high heart rate while running

I'm a 5'4", 122lb, 25 year old female who is very active and in shape. I run 4 to 6 times a week anywhere from 3 to 6 miles at a time. I have noticed for the past few months through my heart rate monitor and double checks through someone taking my pulse to check my heart rate monitor that my heart rate raises to over 200bpm.  The highest it has gotten is 216 but usually its around 208 while running and only a few minutes into running. My resting heart rate is 48-56 and throughout the day its 70-85.  Am I causing damage to my heart or cardiovascular system by running with this high of a heart rate.  I don't feel that much pain when it gets that high the normal pain of running I would say.  Is this cause to go to the doctor?  

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86819 tn?1378947492
It might be normal, but I would ask a doctor anyway, especially if there is nothing else going on that would cause your heart rate to be high, or if there are other symptoms. The web page above is helpful in terms of figuring out what might be a better target heart rate for your training.  

Just curious. Do you sprint?  Over 200 bpm sounds like a very strenuous workout, but then I am old!!


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