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Could these be signs of a worsening hiatal hernia?

Just to give some history I'll start off with some recent medical issues I have/had and the meds I take for those:

Acute Anxiety Disorder (150mg Zoloft, 150mg Wellbutrin)
HBP (HCTZ 50mg, Metoprolol 25mg)
GERD (Protonix 40mg)

I've had a pretty wide range of tests so far and recently had my gallbladder removed because doctor's seemed to think all my problems were from gallstones.

Ongoing for atleast 6 months I've had some bad indigestion, the feeling of food stuck in throat/esophagus at times, gurgling sensations from my stomach to my throat and anywhere in between, breathing trouble occasionally, excessive belching and gas, and at times my heart will race for a 15-45 minute period of time. These problems aren't always from a heavy meal but just certain foods that seem to trigger this indigestion. For example, I ate an apple this morning (the only thing I've ate so far) and it's been about 2 hours and I still feel like some of it may be caught in my throat. My heart started racing within 15-20 minutes after eating it. The only thing that seems to alleviate these symptoms is long belches/gas over a period of time and drinking a bunch of water.

When I sleep I am more comfortable sleeping on my stomach; some nights it's not possible because I have this bulging/bloating feeling in my upper stomach area (sternum area) that is so uncomfortable that I have to force myself to fall asleep on my back or side. Sometimes laying on my left side with my head propped up (most pressure in the abdominal area) I will get a shooting pain up the center of my chest.

So far I've had an EGD (small hiatal hernia, esophageal furrows), colonoscopy (fine), ultra sound (gallstones), EKG (fine), holter monitor (fine) and a complete metabolic blood test to check my digestive organs and such (all came back perfectly normal).

Having the gallbladder removed did help as far as neck/shoulder/back/abdominal pain I had been having but the indigestion is still very much an issue.
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Sounds like GERD
Would suggest pH and manometry tests to confirm and grade severity of GERD
Good luck
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