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Is my doctor missing something?

Please tell me what you think.

4 months ago I started vomiting in the morning after I would have orange juice and then at night after I would have had some wine. My tooth broke as well during this time. I was experiencing indigestion as well as common IBS symptoms. I went to the doctor and she gave me nexium. I took it for 6 weeks and didn't feel that it was working. I had stopped vomiting but that was because I had drastically changed my diet and started taking ant-acids like Gaviscon etc. She sent me for a blood test and it came back negative, I think it was to check for an ulcer.
I was still experiencing heart burn and tenderness in my stomach as well as pain underneath my breast bone so she gave me Pan-Pantoprazole, which I have been taking. I felt this worked better than nexium, however, shortly after starting it, I developed a chronic unproductive cough which reminds me of the time I had bronchitis. The cough is coupled with an itch in the throat and a noticeable hoarseness of voice. Each day my voice gets hoarser and hoarser, it sounds like it is just going away.
I don't get it. What do I have? And if it is GERD wouldn't I have been better by now?
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It might indeed be GERD
A lot of ENT symptoms eg cough hoarseness of voice are due to underlying acid reflux
It sounds like you should undergo at least an endoscopy to rule out GERD - a pH and a manometry test might also be helpful
Try the PPI medication twice a day and see if that also helps
Good luck
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