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esophageal manometry test
I have not been able to swallow solid food for 9 months. I recently have had a manometry test done which showed a above normal high UES pressure measurement. My doctor says this is fine and that my problem is anxiety. I was wondering if I sent you my manometry readings if you could interpret them and let me know what you think. Thank you.
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Thank you for responding. My Manometry Test results are as follows.
Manometry Results

Les Profile Data
Proximal:           41.0 cm
Distal:   44.0 cm
Total LES Length    3.0 cm
PIP:        41.5 cm
Intra-abdominal LES Length: 2.5 cm

LESP:      10.6 mmHg
Wet Swallows
Residual Pressure:  4.1 mmHg
Percent Relaxation  61%
Duration:  7.0 sec

Proximal   Channel 2 at 28.0 cm
Amplitude:   45 mmHg
Duration:      2.7 sec

Mid 1:              Channel 3 at 33.0 cm
Amplitude:    49 mmHg
Duration:       2.6 sec

Mid 2:               Channel 4 at 38.0 cm
Amplitude:     45 mmHg
Duration         2.8 sec

Distal Esophageal Amplitude:  47 mmHg
Onset Velocity: Channels 3 to 4
   Velocity:      3.7 cm/sec
    Peristaltic Contractions    100%

UES Study
Proximal     Channel 2 at 20.0 cm
Amplitude   55 mmHg
Duration      5.7 sec

UES Pressure
Channel 6 at 18.5 cm
UESP:  71.6 mmHg

UES Data
Channel 6 at 18.5 cm
Residual Pressure 8.6 mmHg
Percent Relaxation: 87%
Relaxation:1530 msec
Duration:  772 msec

Pharyngeal Data:        Channel 4 at 13.5 cm
Peak Pressure: 238.0 mmHg
Duration:     1122 msec

Pharyngeal Data          Channel 5 at 15.5 cm
Peak Pressure:  320. mmHg
Duration:       636 msec

Pharyngeal Onset Velocity   Channel 4 to 5
Velocity:  10.0 cm/sec  

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.
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