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gallblder problem?

Hi,there,I am 55 year old,female,and
begining from may/2010 i had intermittent pain under my right rib, more like discomfort,and burning sensation,especially when sitting and lying,wich i would discribe as there is a pressure inside the ribs,regadless of the position and movement of body.Abdominl US shoud polyp at my gallbladder size 0,9 cm,and liver and pancreas was ok.Results of blood and enzymes  for the funcione of the  liver and pancreas was exellent.My GI prescribed pantoprazol,wich lead to improvement but not to eliminate of pain and discomfort..A cause of all that I have hed mu gallbladder remouved 2 weeks ago,without any complications.After the intervention may general condition is exellent,as it was before,good apetit and digestion,bat discomfort and burning are still there,independent of  food intake,and independent of if i eat or not,same as before the intervention.Pleese answer my,what is was   about?
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may be acid reflux or gastritis
maybe an endoscopy would help
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