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heartburn and chest pain

Can hearburn cost pain in my chest, arms and back? I had heart attack 5 months ago- two stents were placed, got clogged 3 months later and in January 2010 I had another stent placed inside those two. The pain never stopped but the doctors seem to think it is not cardiac...I do believe it is cardiac but trying to keep an open mind for all options. Thank you in advance for your help
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pain could either be GERD or cardiac
EKG, stress test, endoscopy could be useful to differentiate one from the other
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The pain is mostly in my arms, shoulder blades and my back- sometimes my chest. I suppose my question was: can GERD cost pain in those particular areas?
Thank you again in advance for your response
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I get that as well - chest, shoulders and back - Many cardio visits to my cardiologist, several EKG's, stress test and ECHOcardiogram, showing nothing - Had my gallbladder out May 09 and I still get pain.

I had an attack today after eating peanuts..

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I just had my endoscopy today- everything was completely normal, so it is not GERD. Have to keep digging until I find the cause.
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best of luck Tony!
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