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Bleeding Hemmoroids

I went to the GP with an extremely painful hemmoroid. She said she it was very inflamed but thought they could go away with a prescription hydrocortisone cream. (Proctozone HC).  I kept using it but still had a lot of pain and nothing seemed to be improving. I called the doctor back and said it was bleeding and still swollen there. She said it was normal for it to bleed, go through stages and it could take up to two weeks to shrink them. It's been two weeks and the swelling has gone down, but it's still there and seems to coming from deep inside the anus. Its still seeping blood all day(not alot) for two weeks now. My appointment is not for another two weeks as her office is closed until then. I'm not sure why. Should I go see another doctor, or is it ok to wait until then?

Can the cream make the hemmoroid completely go away? I'm on my third tube and it seems to have done all it's going to do.
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Hi, your symptoms seem to be persisting despite the use of local medications.Proctozone is used to reduce itching or swelling caused by hemorrhoids in the rectal area. It works by reducing inflammation in that area. Bleeding from the anus is also a serious side effect of proctozone.Since you are continuously bleeding you need immediate medical attention. Schedule an appointment ASAP and get yourself treated. Meanwhile you can try some lifestyle measures which can help you feel better like avoiding pressure in that area, wearing cotton undergarments, avoid straining during stools, exercise and sitz baths. Do keep us posted. Take care.
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