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Do I have an infected hem?

I just got back from a long vacation where it was rather difficult to control my diet.  To make things short, I strained a lot while pooping from being a bit constipated, and my bum swelled up.  (Hello, little hemorrhoid friends; good to see you again.)  

This is usually not that big of a deal for me, as I'd just normally follow my "hem-recovery protocols" of having epsom/sitz baths, applying certain herbal oils and creams, and taking laxatives till everything goes back to 'normal.'  (I want to share that years ago, I remember feeling up with my fingers some solid lumps in or beneath the swollen, anus skin.  I don't feel them anymore after months or years of improving my diet.  I also consumed certain enzymes like nattokinase, which I'm thinking must have helped.)

Anyway, here is my big problem right now.  I must have scratched the [itching] area during my sleep.  The next day, not only had my anus swollen up worse, but there's this pinkish lump that's protruding out.  It looks and feels different from the surrounding area.  It is very painful to the touch.  I'm not sure if links are allowed here, but I'll try to share an image:  http://i.imgur.com/Qa0riJv.jpg?1 (Sorry for the 'graphic content.')

So I'm confused on whether I should go my usual route of treating my hemorrhoids, or if I should deal with it differently.  It looks like there's an infection.  There is, however, no bleeding.  

I've increased my Vit. C with Bioflavanoids intake, and have even been consuming Elderberry and Oregano Oil to control the infection.  I've also been applying Neosporin on the area, as well as Colloidal Silver, after cleaning it with hydrogen peroxide and witch hazel.  

It's been a few days since I took this picture.  The infected-looking, pink area has somewhat decreased in size, but not dramatically yet; it still hurts a lot.  

I'm anticipating the usual oh-my-god-see-a-doctor advice, but I'd rather not take antibiotics (and esp. not have surgery) if I don't have to.  

Is this just my not-so-ordinary type of hemorrhoid that's been infected?  

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Hi, a pinkish lump would also appear as a hemorrhoid as pink suggests blood filled and should also be painful.
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Thanks for the reply.  

The first couple days, the entire anus seemed to be inflamed and was painful.  The inflammation has subsided, except for that pinkish part which is so painful to the touch.  It's been a week, and that's the only trouble spot now.  I've had plenty hems before, but never that kind/sensitive.  I'm wondering if it's severely infected or something.
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