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Do I have hemroids?

Hi everyone, I'm new here and have recently been having a lot of personal issues with my body that I don't quite understand.  It all started about a few weeks ago.  I started getting anal itching.  I thought it was just the soap I was using or something like that so I switched it up and it still happened.  Now I am starting to see blood in my stools which I have never had happen.  Could this be hemroids?  I'm only 28 years old but I work at a factory and I have to do a lot of heavy lifting sometimes for about 8-12 hour days.
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You should go see your doctor for evaluation and testing.  It can be something as simple as hemorrhoids or a hernia or serious, but the only way is for your doctor to be involved.  As I understand, hemorrhoids can worsen from heavy lifting and 8-12 hours a day may be the factor for your bleeding right now.

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That's what I was afraid of was the strain this job has on my body.  Guess I am going to have to take off to get checked up.  Thanks for the reply!
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I agree with ChitChat...see your doctor.  I would suspect hemorrhoids.  If the blood is bright red, it usually means hemorrhoids.  Lifting certainly could cause this problem and continue to make it worse.  You may wish to see a colon rectal specialist.  This type of doctor would know exactly what to do to make life more comfortable for you in regard to this problem.
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