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Do i have a thrombosed external hemorrhoid??

Hi everyone, i'm a diabetic and over a week ago i had diarrhea and i think it was one of my hemmorhoids acting up..but i've had this pain in my anus this time so i think i developed an external hemmorhoid but i'm not sure..it was terrible on sept 12th because it was painful to sit, bend, move. but over the last few days i felt like it's been getting better..like i don't feel excruciating pain but i still feel a sting whenever i go to sit or get up and i feel this sort of bump on the outside of my anus..it's kind of soft..i thought it was like a pimple so i felt like just popping it but i read that you shouldn't do that if it's a hemmorhoid. i read there's surgical treatment but that's only after 48 hours when you have it but it's long passed that now..

i was able to kind of take a picture of it and if anyone is able to see it, can you tell me if that's an external hemmorhoid? i saw pictures of it but i still don't know i read that it should go away in a few weeks but i just want to be sure it is what it is..


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Sounds definitely like an external hem and it should have resolved by now
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