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Hemmhoroids from constipation

I am worried I have something more wrong with me than hemmhoroids but I'm not sure. Sometimes when I wipe, there is blood. But that's happened only a few times and when it has, it was after a hard stool. Is it possible that I have recurring hemmhroids if I'm constipated a lot? It seems like I am frequently and I remember struggling to go when I was younger a few times too. I am 19 and a female. My symptoms are: bleeding after hard stools, pain after going, sometimes itchy down there, sometimes have a bad smel coming from there. Like almost fishy. This has been going on and off for about a year. Sometimes my stool is normal. Other times its broken up. Or thin. Is this just hemmhroids you think?

What can I do to stop the constipation? I try drinking more water sometimes but I hate how often I have to pee. Especially when I have class.
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Hi and welcome. Im not a doctor but have some experience. Definitly have a doctor check this out but you have all the classic symtoms of hemmroids. The itching is the broken tissue where the blood is coming out. Its good you have the bleeding as this shows the bubble popped to releive the pressure. They make some great creams for this. Prep H cream (not ointment) is really good and the doctor will most likely prescribe  a 2.5% cortizone cream. Doctors now dont suggest surgery but change of diet. Constipation is diet. Eat more salads. Google high fiber recepies.
Have a great day.
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Oh i forgot to mention the best part. Use Tucks wipes. they contain witchhazel and very comfortable
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Hi i can feel what ur going through, im also experincing the constipation for a couple of weeks..my internal medicinedoctor gave a me mesocot to relieve my constipation..now i can poop easily..just wondering yesterday,after i pee and washed..i grasp this tiny excess skin outside my anul area..just one..i suspect this is hemorrhoids..hwahhhh! what do u think?
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about the bad smell you are mentioning,, i suggests you have visit a doctor,,sometimes the bad smell can be caused by an infection..if youe stool is normal..and still itchy ..find out where the itchiness coming from ,,is it really from the anus or vagina..if its itchines coming from the vagina..maybe thats an infection..bec i already experience that before..my obgyne gave me feminine wash (betadine) to avoid the itchiness..bit to make sure of whats going on ..pls see a doc immediately..tnx
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I have this hemorrhoids it fell uncomfortable  sometime blood in the stool. I see the doctor few time, not much help all way came after week or two, I decide to try Penaten  ( happen to have this in the house) I used 2-3 time a day, in couple day I fell a lot better, after a week it like nomal again, it been few month now it haven't come back.
Please post result here it you try it
hope it help some of you.
Sorry for my English
Merry Xmas to all
Did you have rashes n a cut too while using penaten?
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Well I am trying to find out do  I have.hemorrhoid I can lay on my lift side long ,I can ride to long
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