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Hemorrhoid from constipation after taking codeine. Will it go away on its own

Ok so this is embarrassing but here goes. I have been suffering with recurrant UTIs for the last 7 weeks and due to them being painful the doctor prescribed me codeine. I only took the codeine for a couple of days but it made me really constipated so stopped taking them. Since then though I have still been suffering with constipation. I have tried taking senna to help it and even increased my fibre intake to make it easier to go to the toilet but still found my stool quite hard. Anyway today I went to the toilet and it was a little painful and as stung for a bit afterward so decided to soak in the bath to see if that helped. When in the bath and washing I noticed a small lump coming out of my anus, I've managed to push it back in mostly and the pain isn't as much but was just wondering once the constipation clears will it go on it's own or do I need to see a doctor. As you can imagine with all the problems I've had over the last few weeks I'm sick of seeing the doctor so any advice would be appreciated.
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Get some colace. It is a stool softener, not a laxative. It will not MAKE you go, but will soften stool to make it less difficult and painful. Get some otc preparation h suppositories and try those to see if they shrink it and heal you up. If you see a doc, that is all they will probably do anyway. They will give you a script for suppositories, which,wink wink, are the same ones you buy over the counter. Even a little bleeding is no big deal. If it does not heal after that, then go. I suspect it will if you have no history of this problem.
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