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I have just had surgery and totally constipated what can help?

I have just had banding for internal and external haemorrhoids. I have had problems going to the toilet for some time and I have lost the sensation of passing my bowels.

I have Senna which is prescribed by my Doctor, but the treatment letter I was given stated not to use them.

I had Microlax before my operation and it didn't work properly. That was on Friday, and I have not passed since.

I am in pain from constantly feeling like I need to go tot he toilet, but I cannot go. I can feel myself being blocked up and I am not to sure what to do.

I am eating a high fibre diet and trying to let nature take it's course

What can I do to help, Its so uncomfortable

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Usually after an anal surgery a stool softener is added to help ease the passage of stool. The pain and improper relaxation of anus after surgery prevents passage of stool and builds up constipation. It is good you are taking a high fiber diet. Along with it you need to take plenty of fluids. You should call up your doctor's office and ask which stool softener you can have. You can try bulk stool softener such as psyllium (Metamucil) or methylcellulose (Citrucel) but since I cannot examine you nor do I know your complete medical history, I would strongly recommend that you take them only after consulting your treating doctor. Take care!
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As this doctor said drink at least 8-10 8full oz glasses of water everyday my hemmorhoid doctor has me on a stool softener miralax, fiber lax, and colace I take the miralax 3 times daily I take the colace right along with the miralax and I take the fiber lax 2 times daily also try doing a sitz bath at least 3-5 times throughout the day that helps to relax the muscles in that area. All you do with a sitz bath is you just fill up the tub  with warm not hot water well not so hot that it will  burn you sit there in the warm water for at least 15-30 minutes do that at least 4 times daily of course go to your doctor so he or she can see what is going on and find out why you are so backed up I feel your pain and I myself have been going through this for a while so I know how uncomfortable being constipated is I am so sorry you are going through this too. I also recently had hemmorhoid surgery the sitz baths provide some measure of comfort I feel your pain believe me! Also get a doughnut to sit on it really helps alot I am telling you I really hope both you and I start feeling better!
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