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Rectal bleeding, lower abdominal pain.


I’ve been having daily rectal bleeding for 6 months now. I’ve been to the doctor and he told me i do not have hemorroids but I have anal fissures. As instructed I’ve taken procto-glyvenol for 2 weeks and also used a plant based creme for hemorrhoids and anal fissures. Supplementary after the doctor consultation I didn’t sit for 1,5 months on the chair suspecting that the cause of this was because of sitting to much due to previous job I’ve had which involved sitting for 8h/day on average. Also I excluded tomatoes, nuts and bread as the doctor recommended. Once I did’t eat for 2 days but the bleeding was just partially reduced from let’s say 4 tbsp blood/once to 1tbsp/once. The bleeding is not necessary dependent if i go to toilet or not, sometimes bleeding occurring without a stool. I’ve taken blood tests and they said my body doesn’t seem to lose significant blood although I lose a lot as explained above. Also I have a constant lower abdominal pain that doesn’t leave me. Also, I don’t know if it’s in any way linked to this but my last period was brown and just a few drops, not normal, also I have a left ovary pain supplementary to the lower abdominal pain for the last 3 days now.

I thought the pain will pass and that was just some minor hemorrhoids or anal fissures but still 6 months passed and no change. Please let me know what tests I should make or what are your opinions on what could this be. I kind of lost my credibility to my doctor since he nonchalantly said is nothing serious and is just regular anal fissures.

P.S. I am 20yrs old and my diet is a varied one eating many times raw veggies, no bread, moderate to low meat quantities. No starch exaggerations or crazy combinations of potato and rice therefore my stools are mostly soft and rarely hardened due to lack of proper hydration probably.

Thank you anticipated!
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Is the pain severe or is it a dull ache? I get that dull ache, I was diagnosed with IBS, had a blood test and stool test and urine test all normal. I think anal fissures can cause what you describe.

You can ask the receptionist if you can see a different doctor for a second opinion. And ask the second doctor if they can do a stool test if you haven't had one, or just explain its been 6 months and its still the same.
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