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Swollen internal hemorrhoids? Please help!

About a year ago now (maybe more) I was on a high dose accutane for 2 weeks but found the constipation side effects so bad that I had to stop. I remember one day of really bad constipation and afterwards I noticed some kind of lump inside my rectum almost protruding through the anus. That really freaked me out but then nothing really came of it. Now for the past few months I've noticed issues down there that seem to be getting worse? My external hemmorhoids disappeared but I seem to have several internal ones that are causing problems. They haven't prolapsed but after a BM I can see one that covers the whole opening to the rectum if that makes sense. I haven't noticed any bleeding or pain in the area but in the past week the constipation has been so bad that I can only pass stool if I use a finger (gross I know but it's the only way!) and when I do it feels like there's a lot of tissue in the rectum that probably shouldn't be there? Sometimes I can feel the shape of the stool but it's covered by that tissue. I'm not sure what it's supposed to feel like in there but I feel like this must be multiple enlarged internal hemorrhoids. Any advice in this area would be appreciated!! :(
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I think I may be dealing with internal hems too.  I know from a colonoscopy 4 years ago that I do have them, but usually I deal with them outside and it's the pain and itching feeling.  For the past week it's been a pressure feeling right inside there and I too feel tons of tissue inside.  I have anxiety, and tend to freak out over things that are nothing so I'm trying to hold off on seeing my dr until the end of the week and trying to use preparation H cream inside and making sure my stool is soft as it should be.  Hoping I can update you with good news that that's all it is.  

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One of my friend was also suffering from Swollen internal hemorrhoids few years back. Someone suggested to take Ayurvedic treatment for this. He consulted with a dr. and underwent ayurvedic treat for this. It really helped him a lot.

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