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hemorrhoid/piles forever without doctors help?

I apologize for the length and any incorrect spelling. I included a bit of background on how i got them and leading up till now.

Over six months ago i felt a bump coming out of the rectum, it worried me but i soon forgot it because it went away shortly after. It was alittle after that i decided to start losing weight & get healthier, I was eating much less and working out daily sometimes with intensity. It was about 4-5months in when I woke up unable to even lie on my back because of the discomfort, i discovered i had given myself what i believed was a hemorrhoid and a thrombosed one at that. I assume it was caused by poor dieting where at times i ate very low calories, didnt understand what fiber was so wasnt taking hardly any at all, and a very intense exercise routine lifting weights and riding my bike for hours as well as carrying it on my back. Not to mention i did have a habit of reading in the bathroom on the hard toliet seat for maybe even an hour sometimes.

So i decided to hold off on my exercising and dieting just short of losing 100lbs, i was in alot of discomfort, some pain, yet i never saw any blood in stool.I began eating lots of fiber, i used preph cream and witchhazel(not together of course), hot baths and just never layed on my back or sat down. The pain went away and alot of the discomfort went away but the hemorrhoid was still there and i still had never seen any blood. There were times that it thrombosed again and was very uncomfortable but i would just take care of it and it soon would go down, never go away but it would get smaller and less uncomfortable. I didnt want to put my life on hold due to this so i began losing weight again little by little from walking and other ways but i stopped weight lifting and bike riding pretty much due to the fear of having that thing bloodclot again(thrombose).

It was late August when this began and it is now January. I still have the hemorrhoids, though i find its better to call it piles since they dont hurt, are only slightly uncomfortable and still have never seen any blood. Its become more a part of me and its become the normal to not sit on it or at least for no longer than 10min, take baths alot to keep it clean, and apply witchhazel every now and then when i remember too. I did continue losing weight and made it past 100lbs mostly through walking and running, but i completely stopped riding the bike and untill january had stopped weight lifting. I absolutely hate having to deal with this as i desperatly want to lift more weights and work out harder but know it would be foolish to strain myself with a hemorrhoid lurking in the back. Even worse its got me worried about when i finally find a job. If i get a job sitting for long periods that would be really bad. What used to be my best asset for finding a job my strength, is now something i shy away from because i dont want to be doing some heavy lifting and boom bloodcloted hemorrhoid.

I am 23year old male, unemployed, no health insurance, and no one who can pay a doctor visit. I am lost on what to do and alittle worried as most people only deal with their hemmorhoid or piles for up to 2months they say it goes away or they went to the doctor and got it removed. Well ive had it now going on 5months, never really seen any blood in the stool and still have one bump sticking out and what feels like more internally(the rim feels slightly ballooned as well). What im looking for is someone with advice or help on what i can do. Will they ever go away on their own or anything i can do to help it go away? I want to feel normal again, be able to lift some weights or do something active without having the thought of "Oh i better be careful and hold back, dont want to stress my hemorrhoid" I wish i could just go to the doctor but i cant, Ive been unemployed for so long and no one in the family has the money to help me with this. Thank you for the time and I welcome any advice or comments anyone may have.
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You should always go to a doctor and get a proper diagnosis, but if it is a hemorrhoid, I would suggest trying a supplement called Hemeez.  Hemeez gave me a lot of relief when I was dealing with hemorrhoids.
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First of all it is difficult to say whether the lump is a thrombosed pile or a genital wart. A thrombosed pile cannot be treated conservatively. It will need excision, or laser or cryosurgery. Apart from witch hazel, there are other hemorrhoidal creams available in the market which you can apply. Sit in a tub of warm water for 10 mins at least twice a day. Increase fiber in your diet. Eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, oats, porridge etc. Good sources of fiber are fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. In addition you can try bulk stool softener such as psyllium (Metamucil) or methylcellulose (Citrucel). I am sorry but you need to consult a doctor who can examine you. Try some charitable hospitals/clinic/walk in clinic. Take care!
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