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what could cause pain in my lower left abdominal part and light rectal bleeding?

Hello. A month ago I was on a plane and needed to go to the bathroom but couldn't go since the plane was taking off. I held it in me and suddenly felt like a small bubble popped in my lower left abdominal part. Later when I went to the bathroom, my anus was itchy and there was blood on the toilet paper, not much, but still visible. It was bright red (I was not on my period then). At that time I also felt bloated. The next day everything was fine and so the following weeks. However, after a month, the pain in my left part appeared again while I was walking. I was wearing high wasted jeans, which made it more uncomfortable. My anus felt itchy sore and I saw blood again on the toilet paper. It was less than last time. I also have to mention that I did not drink enough water during the last few days but drank alcohol more than usual. I will go to the hospital but I would also like to hear your opinion about this. Is it hemorroids or something more serious, like colon cancer?
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