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All are welcome

This is a place to discuss subjects that might be too volatile for the main forum.  Feel free to speak your mind here.  We are all adults and we should be able to have a "lively discussion."
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If you see a thread start to heat up in the Hep C forum, feel free to introduce the topic here and we will be glad to discuss it.
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Hello to All
     I can't be mad at anyone but me.Every addict thinks they are being safe that they know who they are with and what they have done.That's what the drugs do for ya. I've been clean for 10 yrs. my last child moves out this month .And I start treatment Tue. and when I am threw more than likely my husband will go threw this. Not at all the way we thought we would be spending our golden years.
     I am unable to tell any one that I know that I have hep c. I know how they will react so I am going threw this kind of on my own my husband isn't much of a talker when it come to thing's like this.He has even asked me not to say anything to anyone. I agree with him but I would like to have someone  to listen and respond back even if I'm being bitchy or to hear someone say it will get better or even tell me  get a grip.
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Hello Jackie, and welcome. You kind of ended up in a dead area of the hepatitis threads.
So no one is ignoring you! (G)
Here are some links to the main threads, please introduce yourself and say hello. You've stumbled on to a great group of knowledgable individuals who'll welcome you with open arms...:*)

This is the main hepatitis C thread--questions info help and answers..

And this is the off topic or on, social thread--where the fun happens (lol)

Again, welcome

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