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Greatest Healer of All

Hello friends, this isn't a question just a positive and encouraging story. Like some of you I had used drugs and shared needles, was very reckless in the past. I've been clean for 5 years and since then had two beautiful boys. I was told about a month ago that I had antibodies for Hepatitis C, and this scared me to death. I was overcome with guilt, shame, anger for what I exposed myself to when I was younger. I needed help, and just not from healthcare professionals, I needed God to heal me. I prayed and opened my heart to God begging Him to heal me, asking Him for forgiveness of my sins for being so destructive in the past. I started going to church and reading the Bible, I gave my burdens, worry, pain, fear and doubt to Him and did my best to give Him control of the situation. When I started to feel worry and doubt that this was the end, I turned to him and asked Him for strength because I couldn't do this on my own. I had faith that He would heal me because He loves me unconditionally and despite of my transgressions, He would heal me if I boldly asked Him to. Less than a week ago I went to the specialist, had my blood drawn to see if I actually had the virus. I prayed for the best and reminded myself that God will protect me no matter what the outcome may be. A couple of days ago I got a call and was told that I do NOT have Hepatitis C. Friends, I truly believe God will heal us if we just believe in Him and open our hearts to Him. God wants us to give Him our burdens because we are too weak to carry it ourselves. He can heal us because He loves us unconditionally and is the greatest Healer there is. Please pray to Him for healing, He will heal you. Also, when talking to the specialist I was told that in 3yrs there will be a new treatment that will have an 80% cure rate even for genotype 1 and without the awful side-effects. The specialist sounded quite optimistic about this new treatment so don't lose faith or become discouraged. Open your hearts and minds to the power of prayer and God, He'll always listen to you for we have a merciful, God full of grace and love. Thank you for taking the time to read this and God bless you.
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Yes he will
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