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I was dx about 22 yrs ago.. right after my thyroid & big nodgle was removed.. I've been sick ever since.. I have 4 auto-immune disorders and more.. I didn't take the traditional treatment I didn't belive I had hep-C.. and not knowing "anything" then, My then husband said "OH you'll be fine" the liver heals itself..

Well now that I've pulled my head out of the sand, and heard about the (NEW) treatment.. Im geno 1b  my last liver byopsy was good..no scarring they didnt tell me my viral load ?  that was one year ago. I recieved a letter to return to the center. I had a ultrasound & blood work.. they told me a yr ago before they start me on treatment I was to lose weight & reduce the methadone . I did both... so now I wait.. I'm so scared I've heard horror stories..
Again I'm being told if I've had this for many yrs w/no problem.. I'm 59 yrs.. as much as I want to KILL this dam dragon , I'm afraid with all the other illness I have.. how do I know they (drs) .. will use me as experiment ? and they do make BIG bucks with this..

I know ultimitly it's my move (if) they take me.. but I'd really like to hear from anyone whos in treatment OR  had .. possibly give me your opinion
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     Hmmm, if there is no scarring, then my Doctor doesn't treat
people, especially when they are 69 yrs old. There will be an easier treatment available, in several years.  Interferon can make yourr auto-immune problems worse, although the auto-immune issue may be caused by Hep C,and they could get better from Treatment.
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