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I have been on methadone for abot 6 years and 1 1/2 year ago I decided no more.The doc and I came up with redusing 5 milligams per month.Acouple months I didn't reduse  so I am behind on my timeline a little,I now take 15mg a day sometimes I can do 12 1/2 but I am working on it.I have an upcoming app. to become famiiar with the transplants and liver care clinic.Does anybody know if this will influence my chances of transplant when the time comes?
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  I am not sure about the methadone, in terms of the transplant list. Hopefully you can treat your Hepatitis with one of the new treatments. During treatment, taking methadone (and especially that tiny amount you are taking) wont be a problem at all.
  Good for you, for getting that low with your
dosage, that is a huge achievement!  Just keep taking care of yourself, and you are in my prayers~  Katy
  Oh, P.S.:  we have a user on here, named "Hectorsf", who can answer this question for you. You can always send him a private message, concerning Transplant List questions, as he is treating his hep C before his up-coming transplant, and is very knowledgable
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thank you for your suggestions and t "the good Stuff".
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