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Do I have relapsing Hepatitis A?

I experienced a severe acute HAV episode in October 2003 [billirubin= 25 (range 0-1) SGPT= 3500 (range 0-40)].  I recovered well and within 50 days my liver enzymes and billirubin were back within normal ranges.  Thinking I'm cured I returned abruptly to my unforgiving exercise routines and my 9 to 9 Job!(early January 2004). Within approx 2 weeks I started feeling the symptoms all over again (fatigue, loss of appetite and muscle pain). These symptoms started slowly intensifying throughout february and march. I redevloped very light Jaundice and light colored stool. My liver enzymes shot up and holding at [billirubin = 1.4, SGPT=750, SGOT= 314].

Concerned for my wellbeing I immediately saw a panel of doctors(In Egypt) who ordered Hep C andibodies/PCR and Hep B Antigen and core antibodies tests and CitoMigalo Virus.  To my releif the results came back negative for all Hep B,C and CMV tests. By mid April 2004 I was becoming desperate because I was not improving and my liver enzymes remained high.  I came here to the UK to see a doctor who ordered a biopsy and repeated all the blood tests I performed in Egypt + some more.  Blood test results reconfirmed that I don't have Hep B or C or an autoimune element (anti-ASGPR test). The liver biopsy confirmed shortly after that I don't have autoimmune Hep.  The biopsy (from both lobes) showed generally healthy liver cells in most of the slides however in a few slides there was evidence of fibrosis indicating a light chronic inflamation.

In short Hep C,B,autoimmune Hep,iron dep,fatty liver ruled out. I'm still sick,what's wrong?
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My results say diffuse fatty liver infiltration
what is that?
I am sure some one has knowledge of your situation but it is not me I am just begining but your post was the first about fatty liver I saw and I thought you may know
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Mr. Billy....I don't know all the particulars of the trial you are speaking of but if I remember correctly you are 50 something and have had hep c for over 20 years.  And feeling good right?  I personally would do the trial and get it over with.  If we all stop and think...There is hardly ever a good time in our lives to take the time to go through tx.  It is doable and you will get through it.  It won't be easy...I assure you but sounds like you know that already.  Me...I would try to STOP the virus.  Hope this helps somewhat and good luck.
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Yeah Honey I think you are right but Dang I hate to do this to myself..everything else in my blood work is great and i watch you all going down. thyroids blowing out, blood counts going down, ears ringing, scares me to start something that is going to make me feel made, ya know what i mean?
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I understand only too well as my blood work was always done yearly and always came back perfect...enzymes and all. I was afraid though if I didn't treat now....That one day..The bloodwork would not be great and I would not be feeling good to begin with and then having to start the tx.  Yes..it does get scary to watch all of us post about our sides but...I honestly feel that alot of times we come here to maybe complain more so...so not to worry our family too much.  Also...alot here are going through tx so it makes it so much better to talk to everyone when you are down or feeling bad.  I know so well all your complaints and its such a personal choice...that only you can decide what you want to do.  I do struggle with this but I'm praying at the end of the road...I can live and not worry about this eating at me.
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I know what you are saying, the wife is in bed and I just saw Sat Live was so funny. Im really wierded out from virus"s to her so called fiends to you who are so honest to my doc who says i will live anther 30 years without treatment to you who are so honest with me. My wife says I need to go for the treatment. I just wish I knew what to believe with this treatment. Why do so many fight about the treatment? What is really the truth? I banished my poor wife from the computer over this, what is the truth here?
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Good night all- can't keep my eyes open anymore- it's 10:45 and after working all day and comming home to more work- I'm beat- Had to say good night to my favorite gal- (good night Chev)-sleep tight. Hope everyone else has a side free Sunday and try and enjoy yourselves. See Ya'll - Harley Dude
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I did 48wks combo and had a rough time on tx. After tx, which I thought I had won the battle...I was very up-set to find that I have replased. I now have another doctor, who is supposed to be about the best in my area...SC. I went to Duke medical this past Wed. to see if I qualified for a clinical study. The doctor @ Duke told me to re-treat for another yr. And he had heard very good things about the new doctor I asked about. So I immediately called the new doctor, on my way home from Duke...a 3 hr ride. I have an appointment on May 21st and have already signed a release form to send all my med. records to him from my past doctor. I am quickly getting things lined up to start tx again.

I am 48 yrs old, geno 1a, with a viral load of still 1,930,000, which dropped from over 6 million. I want to rid my body of this disease and I feel like tx is the only way to go. I am ready to start living my life fully again after this virus is out of my body. I have so much life to live and if the 2nd time on tx doesn't work....I'll go again!!!!! Just my thoughts. I want to wish you the best and I will continue to pray for you and your wife. Many blessings, Cindee
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wow, i have no idea what it could be but,i sure wouldn't give up until they figure it out...what about "fuliment" liver disease?...injury caused from taking certain drugs or poisons...?

do the drs think you could have "A" again or still? have they ruled that out?  i don't know if you can get it again because i know nothing about hep a or b...only c.

you said you were tested for b and c again but did you get tested again for a? keep working with those experts until they find it...hopefully someone else here can give you more possibilities...but i would think those drs have the best educated guess's...

also get your cancer numbers done and all un-liver related tests to make sure nothing else is complicating the diagnosis or causing the problems...and i have heard of some people that have hep c but do not test for it...i have no knowledge about that either but i remember seeing an article on it...i also believe there are other things that can go wrong with the liver as well so keep after those drs...

God be with you in your search and i pray you will find it and get the help you need soon...let us know...
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You are a stage 1 and a grade 0? You feel fine? What does your doc recommend? Do you have a Hep C specialist? You are over 50? Are you also a genotype 1?

I peronally feel that you do not HAVE to do this. Some docs will say go for it, and on the info you related, some docs would say you have time and you have a choice. If I were you I would find the best Hep C specialist you can find, bring him or her your info and see what he recommends.

Some people will think you should treat no matter what. Some people will think no one should go near these meds under any conditions. The right answer for you is somewhere IN BETWEEN these 2 extreme views.

You will find the right one.
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Its so hard to say and we are not doctors here...Just people going through struggles of hep c.  I can't even imagine what could be causing that and I pray you get some answers soon!  Please keep us posted as to what you find out!
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Thank you, I will keep reading I dont type my thoughts so well. I will just tell you so you know I am a 1a viral load 9 million 50 years old.Biopsy stage 1 grade 0. My doc is head hep man at Med University of S. C.. The trial is by the makers of pegitron and we will be either taking pegasy or pegintron.
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Makayad: Your symptoms sound a lot like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?  What about a liver biopsy?
Keep going back to the doctor's office until you find out. Good luck...

hepCbily:  it's a tough choice, isn't it?  Do your homework and you'll know what's right for you.
Good luck..
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I checked my tumor info as well, and there are no indications of any tumors, not in the 3D Doppler ultrasound or in the blood tests [my AFP levels are normal].  I spoke to the doctor yesterday and he said this is gonna be between relapsing Hep A or a post Hep A inflamation (in which case he will prescribe cortecosteroids) however he must consult with other liver specialists first before he makes a decision. Thank you all for you support, and I hope we all feel much better soon.
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Sometimes, just knowing the illness a name helps; I hope this is true for you.  Good luck and stay strong.
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