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Does Hep A cause acne?

I have  typically very clear skin..and all of a sudden I got very bad acne.  mostly flesh colored, it was very hard to manage and get rid of.  it is now starting to start on my chest and back.  nothing worked and it wasnt normal for me..so i thought it must be the 6 cortisone shots that i had received in the 2 weeks before that.    
I got very very ill one week ago, thinkinig it was the flu, I rode it out for 4 days before going to the ER. they gave me meds for the FLU...then I ended up back in the ER bc I wasnt getting better. now I get diagnosed with HEPATITIS A.  FLU symptoms are the same as some symptoms from HEP A so thats why i was so sick.    After reading up on HEP A, i realize now that the liver can cause skin to change and acne to grow.    has anyone experienced this????
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Hepatitis A causes fever, yellowish discoloration of skin and eyes, loss of appetite, joint pains, abdominal pain, weakness etc. The common symptoms of flu are fever, headache, chills, tiredness, cough; runny nose etc.The symptoms are usually the same except yellowish discoloration of skin and eyes seen in hepatitis A. Acne is usually caused by stress and bacteria. In cases of liver congestion liver functions may be affected leading to higher levels of testosterone in the body. This hormone imbalance increases sebum production and it attracts bacteria and clogs the pores further aggravating the problem. Do visit your doctor for more queries and assistance.Keep me posted.
Best luck and take care!
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