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Fear of having Hepatitis

Dear all,

This is the fist time I am posting my message on this forum.

My history:

Unprotected Anal and Vaginal sex with a prostitute on 3 Oct 2003.

Tested -ve HIV Elisa after 4, 6, 8, 10, 14 weeks.

My symptoms: Had all symptoms of ARS. No diaroeeha, but had constipation.

My current status: Passed 20 weeks. Still having stiffness in neck and constipation.

I was so much worried about HIV, that I never thought about the possibility of getting Hepatitis. Last week (18 weeks after exposure) I tested for HEP A, B and C. Results:

Hep A: +Ve
Hep B: -ve
Hep C: -ve

Can anyone advise me on the results. Why my Hep A is +ve (though no jaundice)? Can I take my HEP B and HEP C -ve status as final? I am constipated very much and also having frequent burpings and stiffness in neck.

I am fed up. I don't know what's behing all this? But I am sure it is all happening due to unprotected sex.

I would be grateful if someone can advise me.
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If it were me, I would march down the Dr. office and ask politely (at first) what all these results mean. According to my research you shouldn't have any physical symptoms from the HCV for many years. If you indeed test positive for HIV (something again you NEED to discuss w/Dr.) a question I would ask would be if I was also HCV positive and if so what can be done to treat it. If his aswer is pos. to the HCV they will run a PCR and genotype test to determine your vl (viral load) which is counts of the HepC per 1 millimeter of blood. Another indicator would be a higher than normal liver activity which is a common test run with blood workups. Now I'm not very familiar with HIV but there are a number of other bacterial and viral complications that may occur if you are indeed pos. HIV. We at this forum are not Dr. but freely discuss info assemalated from our Dr. on our particular methods of treatment. Go get a 2nd opinion and a 3rd if neccessary, but instead of wondering and worrying, take action NOW and get educated and all you can from your healthcare professionals. This forum is unique in that we don't try to give medical advice but rather help each other know and feel comfortable with asking the right questions to the right professionals. ~Neal~
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It looks to me like your Hep A is positive, but I dont know what the "ve" means, could and probably means you have been exposed to it in the past.  Since you didnt have any jaundice, or fatigue then you can be pretty sure it was in the past, but I am not a doctor and can only use my nurse experience.  The Hep C said negative, as did the Hep B.  So you dont and havent had it.  You should get vaccinated against the B type.  There is no vaccine yet for the C type.  I am pretty sure the ve may mean "viral exposure".  The HIV being neg each time is great.  The Hep B and C being neg is pretty dang final!!  The Hep C takes years to show any damage, but like every one else said, you need to ask the doc to be certain if those are the last testings you need for now.  I had elevated liver enzymes for years, and the docs always asked if I drank alcohol.  Well, hell yes I told um...so they said Cut down.  hahaha, very funny.  I was having FUN.  And I had Hep C and was wreckin my liver.  But now the partying is over.  I am glad of that, and I am in my 35th week of tx.  My advice to you, dont do anything STUPID like that again, I am sure you realize that!
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Just wanted to tell you how much I missed you while I was off-line. Not just your wisdom, but your sense of humor. Also I'm glad to see you're hanging in there.

Maj. My soul mate, I think we both got this licked and my prayers are w/ you daily. Keep bein nice to your liver and brace fot the possibilities!
                                   Love, Joni
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I wasn't having trouble w/ either ammonia or edema til this last little adventure w/ Efexor and too much xanax, but doc put me back on Spirolinacto and Lactalose(yuck) My ammonia is down and staying there, but 25mg. of spiro a day keeps the edema away. I still eat liver friendly and try to exercise and get lots of Mont. fresh air, but I don't Think a little medical help is bad if we watch it and check w/ our other Dr.s.   Lottsa love and luck.   Joni
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Hey Girl! You know I love ya and always will. You crack me up!!! I wish we were neighbors.....it would be a blast trading "past" stories!!!! I enjoy and I WANT TO THANK >>>YOU<<<<< for being here. Us oldies miss one another....and I miss Ringading!!!!! Hope you are feeling good...great to see ya here, and still with that wonderful sense of humor!!!! Luv Ya girl, Cindee
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Girl, and I can say is .....DITTO.......!!!!!! Luv ya, Cindee
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