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Hep A recovery time?

I am recovering from severe Hepatitis A which I was hospitalised for, I'm just wandering if anybody has had the illness and how long it took to recover? I seem to be getting better one day and then back to square one the next. I was diagnosed at the beginning of December and am fed up with feeling poorly most of the time.
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Hi, the diagnosis of hepatitis A infection is based on the raised levels of anti HAV of IgM type. Titres of this antibody fall to low levels within about 3 months of recovery. Then the anti HAV of IgG type are present indicating recovery. Check your antibody titres to know the status. Regards.
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Thank you paderla,
I will ask my doctor for these results at my next appointment. Can I just ask? Do you know if usually there will be any long term effects of Hep A?  I can't help thinking with all these ailments that something isn't going to be permenantly damaged along the way #concerned!

Thankyou too for the response I have never been informed of these levels even when I've asked them to explain what is happening, I have a nursing background so would have an idea., I think because it isn't an illness they come across very often in this country they are not very well informed themselves, the hospital ward I was on didn't really know where to place me, they freely admitted that I was the 1st on that ward with Hep A that they had treated.
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I survived from severe HepA with jaundice level touching 26(bilirubin).It took me 12 months to recover.just relax
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When I was 13 I contracted Hep A.  I had to lie as still has possible, in bed for a couple of weeks.   My entire family had to be vaccinated.  I assumed this made me immune to getting it again, but I could be wrong.  While bedfast my niece and nephew were playing under my hospital bed.  I would reach out and try to catch them.  I ended up having a convulsion.  So quiet rest is essential.  
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